Procedures After Entry Intake

Study abroad Spanish – Procedures After Entry Intake

Studying in Spain – Entry into this country or obtaining a visa can not make you feel relieved, but you will need to know the other necessary procedures for a visa when living in Vietnam. this country.

Short-term visa extension

It is only possible to apply for a visa extension in Spain when the visa duration is less than 90 days. Often, students will apply for a study visa to study in Spain. The review and resolution of this renewal procedure shall be carried out by the central representations of the Spanish central government.

Card for foreigners

International students or exporters carrying a visa for a period of more than six months will be required to obtain a national ID card for foreign nationals – NIEs at the Police or the Aliens’ 1 month from entry into Spain.

No need to apply for a foreigner’s ID card for visa holders who allow seasonal activities or activities under a certain campaign. This visa covers all periods of residence and employment in Spain without taking into account the length of the visa.

When the stay is granted in excess of six months, foreign nationals carrying a visa for the purpose of study or in-depth study, conducting unpaid research or training, participating in chapters Student Exchange or Volunteer Program must apply for a Foreign Student Pass at the Office of Foreigners, or the relevant Police Authorities within the first month after entry into Spain. House.

According to Article 206 of the Law on Organization No. 4/2000 on the rights and freedoms of foreigners in Spain and their social inclusion, adopted by the Royal Decree No. 557/2011 On April 20, it is clear that foreigners who have a binding economic, occupational or social relationship with Spain will be issued a number of individuals, single and sequential with the entry destination identity card.

(Source: Embassy of Spain in Hanoi)

Consequently, foreigners who have ties to Spain for economic, occupational or social benefits may apply for a NIE card directly at the Spanish Police Department or through the Department. Consulate of Spain abroad.

Dossiers of application for NIE cards may be submitted directly or through an authorized person in writing at the Consular Office of the foreign country where the person concerned resides. Include:

+ Application for N.I.E

+ A copy of the personal information page of your passport (in case you are a citizen of the European Union you can replace it with a photocopy of ID card)

+ A document proving the reason for the application (student confirmation by letter of acceptance / confirmation of student / labor contract …)

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