Find Aupair Houses When Going To Study In Spain (part 1)

Studying in Spain is a big decision, a big investment. To save a lot of money when studying abroad, international students are expected to find a job to study abroad. In addition, you can join the Aupair program as you work to earn more income

Listen to the experience of finding Aupair’s home of Nguyen Hanh Mai – currently studying MBA at UCAM Spain:

Studying in Spain in Murcia has a lot to offer, but I want to share with you the part that I find most interesting to me, that is, great spanish people.
I received a visa three months before the day I received a scholarship to study in Spain. As with other students, studying abroad is a big decision, and of course a great investment. I also want to save the most cost when studying abroad. I also asked my friends and siblings to go to school first to work in Murcia. However, everyone says that it is very difficult to apply for a job, because they ask you to speak the language. Moreover, Murcia is not a busy city like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​so it is less work. Through Hunting you know the form of Aupair. This is also very common in other countries. Aupair is the form you will come to in a 1 person indigenous house, you will not have to spend money and have to take certain responsibilities. If you have a lot of responsibilities, they will usually pay you about 60 Euros each week in addition to feeding. Common responsibilities are one of several tasks: picking up their children from college, with their children learning English – this condition is very important, playing with the kids in the house, maybe doing one The amount of chores in the house. In fact, some jobs are very light and simple because they are very comfortable in the house, there are a number of things to save labor in the workplace.
I started posting information on (you go to FOR AN AUPAIR REGISTER AS AN AUPAIR to register). You will also find information from “HOST FAMILY” families who post their information and are currently searching for AUPAIR. If your family reads your information interestingly, they will automatically contact you, they will text you through aupairworld and then exchange mail to talk more. Similarly, you can also send a message via aupairworld to them if you find a family that you feel is appropriate to their condition.

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