Social Science and Humanities

Social Sciences and Humanities is ranked first in the field of quality training, attracting tens of thousands of students every year. The country boasts a long-standing education in development along with 70 universities and colleges hundreds of years old.

Social Sciences and Humanities specialized in study abroad in Spain

Some of the universities in Spain have well-known training programs called “leaders” such as:

  • Complutense University of Madrid
  • Autonomous Univerity of Barcelona
  • University of Cordoba

Germany and Sweden are well-known for their passionate students in Natural Sciences and Engineering, Spain has a fascinating and attractive environment for quality training. You are passionate about the social sciences and humanities. There are undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Highlights include:

– Psychology and psychological science
– Communication and the press
– Pharmacy
– Study of language
– Education
– Public administration
– Culture and civilization
– Health science
– Conservation of culture
– History and geography
Language of instruction

Most of these programs are taught in Spanish. There are no specializations in this group at public schools taught in English. Some other specializations offer opportunities for bilingual Spanish-English learners.

In addition to being a bilingual program, you also need this language to communicate daily, adapted to your living environment. If you are passionate about this industry, and already have an IELTS certificate, then get yourself a DELE certificate – Spanish for academic readiness. One of the most useful information for you is that 90% of the Spanish speak English, but the Catalan and Spanish languages ​​are the “daily language” of the indigenous people, and you certainly do not want to. I’m not right. Then do not forget to study and take the DELE exam.

Entry requirements and tuition fees when studying in Spain


(4 years)
-Postgraduate education
(12 years)
-Input requirements

– English B1 (equivalent to 6.0 in the European frame of reference)
– Spanish DELE B1
Minimum GPA of 6.5
– English B1 (equivalent to 6.0 in the European frame of reference)
– Spanish DELE B1
Minimum GPA of 6.5

758 – 4,000 Euros

2,100 – 5,000 Euros

Admission: September

Normally, the applicants should be sent to the admissions office about 4 – 6 months beforehand, to ensure that they are competitively competitive and provide the best time to prepare the pond. Visa status.


There are many forms of housing such as: Homestay, sharing house, apartment, dormitory. An additional 20 hours per week for students in Spain will also help you cover your monthly living expenses. However, do not forget to balance between studying and doing more. Except for the two cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the cost of 350-500 Euros / month is quite high. The other cities are reasonably priced and there are only 150 euros per month for the rooms.

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