Month: January 2019

Spanish Language : 1 Year Enrollment

Spain is currently considered to be the cheapest European country to spend with the Spanish education system in line with the European Common Standardization (EHEA). Students are not only trained in Europe’s leading educational environment but also cultivated more skills, linguistic knowledge and a new European culture. Always want to encourage and help students – […]

The University of Cordoba

The University of Cordoba is located in Av, Medina, Azahara, C√≥rdoba, in southern Spain, and is one of the most beautiful and ancient cities in the world. Founded in 1972, the university is an independent university that has been operating since the late nineteenth century and has hundreds of years of specialized training and is […]

ESERP Business School

ESERP Business School is one of the leading business education institutes in Gaur. Boasting over 30 years of prestigious teaching and training experience, ESERP has provided an excellent learning environment for international students. ESERP is also a partner in the College of Strategic and Critical Careers at the University of Staffordshire UK. And, of course, […]

How to Studying in Spain with low costs in 2020

1. Tuition Spanish tuition is among the lowest in the developed world in Europe thanks to government subsidies and no tuition differential between international and international students. Tuition fees will vary between schools, regions and majors, but in general tuition fees in some Spanish universities will fluctuate: – Language learning: 1.340E to 4.000E – Diplomas: […]

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