How to Studying in Spain with low costs in 2020

1. Tuition
Spanish tuition is among the lowest in the developed world in Europe thanks to government subsidies and no tuition differential between international and international students.
Tuition fees will vary between schools, regions and majors, but in general tuition fees in some Spanish universities will fluctuate:
– Language learning: 1.340E to 4.000E
– Diplomas: Students are exempted from college tuition fees in Spain. Some of you just pay the initial registration fee of 300 – 400E.
– field: 2.860E to 5.000E.
– Master: 3.560E to 6.700E. The master’s program in Spain lasts for one year.

2. Living expenses:

– Accommodation
Often, students rent houses outside to save money and facilitate further work. Rent will vary by region. Here are the average monthly rents in some Spanish cities:
Barcelona: 180 – 350E
Marid: 250-500E
Valencia: 180 – 350E
Murcia: 100 – 150E
Cordoba, Almeria: 100 – 150E
Note: electricity, water, internet cost you 50-60E. When renting, you remember the rent includes these costs not nhé.

– Traffic:
Spain, with the student card you should make monthly tickets to facilitate travel as well as cost savings.
Within the city, some may choose to make a bus or train pass. The cost is around 20 – 25E / month.
Move between several cities, some of which you can choose from Metro, Cercania, bus or train. Cost: 35 – 60E / month.
– About eating:
The cost will vary from city to city, but the consumption and taste of each person, but with 100 – 200E / month you can eat well. Spanish food is as good as Vietnam but quality is guaranteed and affordable.
Below is the retail price of some items in Spain for your reference:
– A loaf of bread: 0.95E
– Milk (One liter): 1E
– Eggs (1 dozen): 1.90E
– Beef (One kg): 6.5 – 8E
– Tomatoes (One kg): 0.70E
– Newspaper: 1E / sheet
– Hamberger: 3E Dinner at the popular restaurant: 30-40E

3. Work more
This is a very interesting issue for many students. Generally you can earn from 320E to 1000E / month depending on capacity and work of your choice.
Many international students share, work in Spain enough to pay for living expenses during the course. In addition, some of you use this money to satisfy your European travel dream.

Some extra work for some of you reference:
– Sticker leaflets: 8 EUR / h, work does not require English and a little Spanish
– Serves some cafes or fast food restaurants: 7-9 EUR / h
– English tutor: no need for a certificate, only you have good English language is able to do this, with a salary of 10 EUR / h
– Make a part-time reception for corporations, hotels: 500 EUR / month

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