Learn Spanish in Spain

1. In the world, the Spanish language is ranked second in the world in terms of popularity and fourth in terms of the number of users.

Spanish is spoken as the mother tongue of about 414 million people, just behind Chinese in the number of natives worldwide. More than 500 million people speak Spanish as first and second language, and 20 million students learn Spanish as a foreign language. In Europe, Spanish is spoken fluently by 15% of the population.

2. Spanish, an important international language

Spanish is one of the six official languages ​​of the United Nations, the European Union, MERCOSUR, and the Pacific Alliance.

Spanish is the second most popular language learned by native English speakers. The learning of Spanish as a foreign language has increased significantly, in part due to the population and economic development of many Spanish-speaking countries and the spread of the development of international tourism in many countries. It has surpassed French to become the second most widely spoken language, after English, and the second language used in international communication.

3. High employment opportunities, low competition.

At present, bilateral cooperation between Vietnam and Spain is increasingly promoted in all aspects: economy, culture, education, transportation.

Vietnam’s economic cooperation since its official establishment on May 23, 1977, has been increasingly strengthened and consolidated. In addition to being a large and promising investor in Vietnam, with funding for development cooperation, non-refundable aid and loans, Spain is currently ranked 57th among 74 countries in the investment field. and territories, and 13th out of 16 EU countries having investment projects in Vietnam with five licensed direct investment projects in Vietnam and total registered capital of USD 6.8 million. , mainly 100% foreign owned projects.

So, the opportunity for international students after learning the Spanish language will be an open door, with jobs in the fields such as translation, aviation, travel, hotel, work At the Embassy, ​​work in enterprises, companies, corporations with investment capital, or directly operating in Vietnam.

In addition, the employment rate for Spanish-language studies is relevant and the use of this language is not as high as in Chinese, Japanese, … or even in English.

4. Spanish – the third language in the world

Spanish is the third most readable language in the world, followed by English and Italian, while Chinese and Japanese are second and third in the world’s most difficult language rankings.

The vast majority of Spanish is like English, the Spanish script is almost entirely phonetically, and reads like that. This is a very structured language like Italian, so the pronunciation and grammar of the Spanish language are relatively easy. And it is very easy for students to see Spanish as well as Latin with Vietnamese.

5. Study Spanish – low tuition – high quality.

The Spanish education system is at the top of Europe, with universities representing 1% of the world’s best universities. The tuition fee for a one-year course in Spain is only € 1,340 – € 5,870 per year (equivalent to 37 – 140 million VND) – the tuition fees are extremely competitive compared to other European countries. In addition, language backgrounds will be a solid entry point for learners to continue their studies at higher levels such as vocational colleges, universities, masters, doctors, or simply to find a job. referring to this foreign language.

6. Learn and interact

Regardless of what one learns, it is extremely important and effective to learn and use the language in the very country that speaks the language. Living and communicating, as well as being in the community of Spanish, is better than any other learning method

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