Changes of Spanish Studying policies for the 2018-2019 school year

Visa issues are always a matter of primary concern for many students who are planning to study in Spain. The Spanish government’s visa policies will change somewhat each school year. Here are the changes to the visa application to study in Spain, it is hoped to help students who intend to study in Spain updated information to be able to file a visa. Learn the most convenient way.

1. Savings account
As before, you only need to have among your savings at least 6000 Euros (equivalent to 150 million VND). sent for a period of about 1-2 months, this year the amount has doubled. This means that you must have a minimum of 12,000 Euro (equivalent to 300 million VND) and be sent with 4-6 months before the start of the semester.

2. Financial proof documents
To ensure the cost of study, accommodation and transportation, financial documentation is as clear as possible.

+ For people working in state agencies, it is necessary to have a labor contract, appointment decision, personal account statement for 4-6 months.
+ For those who have business, they must have: business registration, financial report in the latest year, tax papers, input output invoices, photos …

3. Ability to speak foreign languages
To get a Spanish visa you will need to have a visa interview with the Spanish Embassy in English or Spanish. If you know Spanish that is an advantage, however, in case you do not know Spanish, you can completely interview the embassy in English. So you have to have basic English skills to be able to pass this interview.

4. Application for visa
If you have been applying for a study visa in Spain before, you only need to translate all documents including academic, personal and financial records into English. All student visa applications in Spain are required to be translated into Spanish. The Embassy will not accept documents translated into English (even if your degree is a foreign diploma).

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5. Road map
The logical course of study, which is clearly one of the elements of the embassy that accepts or denied your visa. Therefore, when you apply for a study visa, you should arrange a logical course, as clear as possible. For example, if you have graduated from a university in Vietnam then you can not apply for a college or university degree visa because your visa rate is low. In addition, the more you can not apply for a visa to complete the language study and then return to Vietnam should make up for a long-term study plan in Spain.

6. Where can I get a visa to study in Spain?
Spain is in the Schengen area of ​​26 countries in Europe (can travel freely) so if you have a visa to Spain also means that you can travel freely in the rest of the country. Schengen area. To apply for a visa to study in Spain you must apply for a visa at a Spanish Embassy in Vietnam, namely the Embassy of Spain in Vietnam, address: No. 4, Le Hong Phong , Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Wherever you live and where you work, you will also have to arrange your time to fly to Hanoi to apply and interview with the embassy for visa purposes.

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