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One of the reasons for Spain’s choice is its input. If you have a chance to apply for a UK Visa, you must have at least 4.5 IELTS to apply for the English program; or as to Australia, Canada, and the US, although the entry requirements do not require students to have international English certificates, but the embassy will easily refuse you, simply you will meet It is very difficult to study and live in an English speaking country with too little English, not even keeping up with the learning curve. In contrast, Spain is always open to welcome you. You do not need to have an English certificate like IELTS or TOEFL, just confidently go through an interview with the Embassy with a level of English level, a combination of academic records and family financial records, Apply for Spanish Language Program. Here, the official language is Spanish, English only serves as additional support for you. 90% of the Spanish population speaks and fluently uses English, so students will not be surprised, can use English, and learn the fourth most widely used language in the world. .


A system of 70 public universities is subsidized about four out of five tuition fees from the government, students both domestic and international are only required to pay the remaining one fifth. Cost of living in Spain is also considered the most reasonable in Europe, with about 500 – 800 euros per month (13-18 million). The total cost of studying abroad here ranges from 250 to 350 million VND per year, while the figure in the UK is 600 million VND / year, in the US about 500 million VND / year.

Because of the low tuition fees and low cost of living, the Spanish Embassy requested only 6000 Euros in savings for the first academic year. Student visas also allow students to work 20 hours a week in the main semester, and up to 40 hours per week for summer and public holidays. Meanwhile, finances are a common reason many Australian or Canadian visa applications slip.


After submitting the application, most applicants will have to undergo the interview. The Australian Embassy can conduct interviews by telephone, US and UK direct interviews, … Spanish visa applicants will also be required to submit a direct application and interview. However, the interview will be simple, in the form of a talk: demonstrate to the interviewer the legitimate intentions and intentions of learning, belief, and sharing, It will be the key to help you score, and have a high chance of gaining a Visa.

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