Schools and universities in Spain open to Vietnamese students

Each country has its own strengths in education, geography, economic status, social welfare, etc. While some countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, USA and Canada have advantages in terms of education, The country with its mother tongue is English but the cost is high, Spain is attractive for its “very own” reasons and is the 3rd largest in some European countries, with a good teaching system. practical, highly vocational and quality training according to European standards:
Visa is expanding, no offer to learn Spanish, no financial proof
Tuition is supported by the government
Low cost of living
The country travel, study abroad spanish
Facilities are always busy investment
The culture, teaching, architecture over 3000 years of history
Favorable settlements, low housing prices compared to Europe
One-year master’s degree in work-study, paid internship
This is a special degree program of the University of Almeria (Spain) specialized in Global Business to create enrollment for students to work-study, practice salary from 400-800 euros / month (sale or full time). Internship is a compulsory part of the program and is arranged by the university.
Specific information to learn when studying in Spain
Duration: 1 year
Course fee: 3900 euro / full course
Linguistics: 80% English, 20% Spanish and French or German
Qualifications: By public school under the standard European teaching system
Internship: pay 400e / month (part-time) or 800e / month (full-time)
Admission requirements: completion of full-time university, IELTS minimum 5.5, no Spanish language requirements (additional study in French or German as a foreign language).
In one academic year, international students have 4 months of theory, 6 months of paid internship from 400-800 Euros. Not only studying international economics in English and Spanish as a compulsory course, students also learn more. Another language is German or French. Learning these languages ​​is a pioneer and breakthrough step so that when you go to work, you can confidently communicate in a multiracial multicultural business environment – a factor that businesses today Towards the global flat like today.
This course emphasizes on having a good relationship with the business to ensure that students have the best salary information. The course is designed for international students who are equipped with both theoretical and practical experience to manage undergraduate degrees in international business.
Every year, nearly 700 foreign students choose Almeria for the international and European student exchange program. Indigenous teachers and students also make a big contribution to the friendly Andalucia cultural identity of the destination, combined with continuous efforts in updating teaching and facilities. Technically, Almeria is an ideal university with low cost but still highly effective for some who want to learn and study in the international environment in Spain.

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