The good reasons to go to study in Spain

For a long time Spain has been the favorite destination of French students: one in five of them is going to study and study in Erasmus. Our neighbor certainly has more than one cord to his bow, whether it is the range of higher education he offers or the quality of life that one finds there.

Pleasant climate, festive spirit, easily accessible language … Spain has many advantages for French students. Attention, however, if you choose a university in Catalonia. Catalan, Castilian and Aranese (variant of Occitan) are the three official languages ​​in Catalonia. In practice, Catalan is the language of the street, the media and universities.

For quality training

The offer of higher education, diversified, is comparable to that of France. If the courses of literature, law and social sciences welcome the majority of French students, the sciences are not left behind.

According to the Education Office of the Spanish Embassy in Paris, more young French people are trying to bypass selection at the entrance of medical or veterinary pathways. To do so, they must present a very good academic record, including their average baccalaureate (possibly supplemented with courses with options followed in Spain to earn points) or apply to private universities.

Management and business studies are another highlight of Spanish higher education. Three institutions, modeled on the American business schools, are particularly successful and recognized at international level. These include the ESADE (School of Business Administration and Management), the IESE (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa), located in Barcelona and Madrid, and the Instituto de Empresa , to Madrid.

They are regularly well placed in the rankings of the international media, especially in the best European schools of the Financial Times. ESADE is also the Spanish representative of the CEMS (Community of European Management Schools) program, an international network of excellence management schools, including HEC.

To specialize

Some students choose Spain to acquire a specialization. For example, get familiar with the Latin American markets for marketing students or experience the entire period of civil war for future historians.

Agathe, a French student in Erasmus exchange at the Autonomous University of Madrid, has chosen to dedicate her master’s thesis in international relations to European immigration policy and its consequences on relations between the European Union and Morocco.

“Cooperation between the EU and Morocco is mainly through Spain. Being in Madrid allows me to access a lot of documentary sources,” she admits.

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