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University tuition fee is 700 – 1,000 Euro a year, tuition fee is 1,700 – 3,000 Euro per year; living expenses 400 – 600 euros a month.

Spain is an exciting destination for some of you now to find and learn Spanish Study Abroad Study in Europe for a low fee, get free Schengen visa travel in 26 European countries, Can work for 20 hours a week. University tuition fee is only around 700 – One Euro a year, the tuition fee is around 1,700 – 3,000 Euros a year.

Spanish is one of the three official languages ​​of the United Nations, the primary language of 27 countries and is spoken in 135 countries by 450 million people. Spain ranks 5th in Europe, ranking 9th globally with GNP 27,500Euro One person a year. In addition to the exceptionally low cost of tuition, the cost of living there is also 400 – 600 Euros a month.

Diploma of European standards, certified throughout Europe, USA, Central USA and Asia; It is well known in many fields such as tourism, architecture, construction, energy, telecommunications … Spain is the third country in the world to attract many students to study in Spain from Europe, America, behind the UK (over 36% are international students from American colonies, 31% from Latin America).

GEC was established with the aim of developing international curricula in Spain through collaboration with prestigious universities. GEC’s management team consists of several directors and heads of the international relations department from well-known Spanish academic institutions with more than 10 years of experience working in educational specialties. With the effective cooperation program, GEC has been cooperating with schools and teaching centers in Asia, Europe and the USA to bring international students to Spain to live and study.

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