Find Aupair Houses When Going To Study In Spain (part 2)

Finding a family in Murcia will be less than some other famous cities, but in my experience is not a little. Within a week of posting information, I received two messages from two different families. One family, they say near the university, walk to the university. Another family near the city center, 40 minutes by bus from the university. I am currently living with my second family, because the first family exchange refused because my schedule is from 16h to 20h30, and they want to spend their evening time with their children. . A little bit is that there are 2 things that they are very demanding of AUPAIR, 1 is childish love and 2 is good English speaking. Here, when you post your information, pay close attention to the two characteristics above.

My family has to say it’s great. From the first time through the mail, they sent their family photos to three of them, I have felt very friendly, warmly through the face. But I have not yet moved to very anxious, because I do not know where to stay for a long time. Their family only had Carlos’s father go to work, when they decided to have a baby, Lola’s mother decided to stay home to take care of the family when they felt that their father’s salary could cover. They said to me, “When you decide to have a baby, you will give him / her the best you can.” Their 10-year-old daughter Paula, who had studied at a French university from childhood, was very lovely, docile and intelligent. I do not have to pay for meals and my main job is to play and speak English with my Paula, in the morning at home, I can effectively support her mother Lola learn English. At weekends, the family often goes out and play, their families are quite traditional, they value family affection and parents are very interested in spending time with their children. Last week I got to play Paula’s hometown (about 30 minutes by car), a peaceful, peaceful place with an abundance of lemon, orange and cauliflower fields. Feeling like today Vietnam. Paula’s maternal grandparents are very kind and friendly, they are very kind and open. They have a garden, when back to the city, the family brought cauliflower, mandarin, pomegranate, both olive oil eaten in the home also did not have to buy. They told me that any holiday, they would want to take me with course if I have nothing else. That to me is beyond great. Next Christmas, my family wants to go to France, I am really excited. They say they have friends in Madrid, the whole family will go to Madrid on one occasion.


When I first came to miss home, however, only a short time I saw quite integration because I was with a family. This is A great understanding of the wonderful journey you will see, the ability of Spanish to be Enhanced Naturally. And moreover, you are enrolled in culture. In fact, you can eat traditional Spanish cuisine at home, or exchange stories about the traditions and customs of countries around the globe. dinner time I really feel attached, less lonely because the family atmosphere is very warm. After nearly a month, I feel like I have become a true family member.

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