Applying Visa

Find Aupair Houses When Going To Study In Spain (part 2)

Finding a family in Murcia will be less than some other famous cities, but in my experience is not a little. Within a week of posting information, I received two messages from two different families. One family, they say near the university, walk to the university. Another family near the city center, 40 minutes by […]

Chances of getting a visa to Spain

Spanish langague One of the reasons for Spain’s choice is its input. If you have a chance to apply for a UK Visa, you must have at least 4.5 IELTS to apply for the English program; or as to Australia, Canada, and the US, although the entry requirements do not require students to have international […]

Spanish citizenship (part 1)

The following people are Spanish: People whose parents are Spanish. Persons born in Spain whose parents are foreigners and whose parents were born in Spain (except for the children of diplomats). Persons born in Spain have foreign parents but neither parent has a nationality, or the laws of both countries where the parents are nationals […]

Spanish Visa Information and Guide

A student visa is valid for 90 days. Visa is considered as a condition of arrival in Spain. After arriving in Spain, students have 3 months to apply for a resident permit. – Visa will be issued for the scheduled time on the invitation letter (09 months). At the end of the visa, students must […]

Changes of Spanish Studying policies for the 2018-2019 school year

Visa issues are always a matter of primary concern for many students who are planning to study in Spain. The Spanish government’s visa policies will change somewhat each school year. Here are the changes to the visa application to study in Spain, it is hoped to help students who intend to study in Spain updated […]

Basic Information for Student Visa

1. MINIMUM TIME To review the visa application: 15 working days from the date of submission of all necessary documents for the application. If you do not submit your application before the trip, the Embassy does not guarantee that you will be issued the visa on time. 2. VISA FEE (from 1 July 2010): 1.729.000 […]

Find Aupair Houses When Going To Study In Spain (part 1)

Studying in Spain is a big decision, a big investment. To save a lot of money when studying abroad, international students are expected to find a job to study abroad. In addition, you can join the Aupair program as you work to earn more income Listen to the experience of finding Aupair’s home of Nguyen […]

Spanish citizenship (part 2)

3. Naturalization of Spain This method of naturalization is arbitrary and does not depend on general regulations on administrative procedures. Naturalization will be permitted by the Government through the Royal Decree, after assessing all the special circumstances of the person concerned. Citizens of Spanish citizenship by mode of option, residence or naturalization will: Sworn or […]

Procedures After Entry Intake

Study abroad Spanish – Procedures After Entry Intake Studying in Spain – Entry into this country or obtaining a visa can not make you feel relieved, but you will need to know the other necessary procedures for a visa when living in Vietnam. this country. Short-term visa extension It is only possible to apply for […]

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