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How much money we spend on cosmetics is enough? (Main part)

This is the beginning of a short post for slightly longer, today I want to write a statistics article see real needs of our sisters in a year need what, the amount actually needed for what is cosmetic. Of course, all comparisons are limp, cannot take this person’s consumption levels apply to others, but I […]

My experience in cosmetic choices when shopping

This is an article celebrate International Women’s Day. wish you always healthy, beautiful and successful in life. This article is my share as well as a small little sisters donated to help women add the wise choice of beauty products.

Toxicity of components commonly found in foundation

To put it correctly, I am not the one who always fears about toxic ingredients in cosmetics, said so, nor is any widespread use, what socks to use it. Because my skin genre kinky, anything is possible irritations and acne emerge, so the search for the appropriate cosmetics line always arduous and costly. Currently, according […]

What kind of cosmetics are you carrying when travelling?

What cosmetic items do you often  take when traveling? so simple in my skincare routine should back away again, I would minimalist as possible will bring some things.

How much money we spend on cosmetics is enough?

In the community love cosmetics also has many branches: as some of you just love to skincare, some of you more then just like the map make up; the abundance, only sister of senior buying; genuine buyers only branches selling in the showroom; the branch like map high-end but order from overseas; purchasing map been […]

Mineral Make Up (MMU) – Please try once in a lifetime

In this forum I look forward to receiving feedback comments, your review of the types MMU so I can synthesize and summarize for the sisters have not used or is exploring possible reference during the screening process place.

Beauty Experience – beautiful makeup with the prices $ 50

It’s actually that the woman  always wanted to do better and beautiful, cared for beauty is one of the necessities. But true to the beauty is also very arduous, not always we are satisfied, from physique, skin, white teeth and big eyes … the eyes soulful cha few people happy with your beauty  given by your parents.

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