Overseas Study’s Life

Find a job or an internship in Spain

In Spain, there are a number of opportunities for paid jobs and internships that allow many students to round off the end of the month. Know that an internship or a job in a European country can always be organized via the Erasmus + Include services such as language classes or babysitting. You can also […]

Studying in business administration

According to the “Graduate Prospects” page of the UK, Spain is ranked the TOP4 of the world’s most worthy MBA program, with the rank of Champion and Champion of the United States, Canada. , and China. As such, Spain is becoming a great study destination for those who love studying in Europe. In addition to […]

The reasons for choosing to study graphic design in Spain

Varied learning models and options The program is offered by both public and private Spanish universities as well as private and non-profit private universities and programs, with full programs ranging from short-term certificates to university and postgraduate courses. Teaching outside of Spanish The other disadvantage disadvantageous for students – Vietnamese students that teaching in Spanish […]

Tips on finding part time jobs when you study in Spain

The Spanish government has granted work and residence permits to more than 700,000 foreigners who have worked and lived in Spain for over six months. With such an open policy, the number of foreigners will continue to grow rapidly in the coming days, creating a diversity of jobs for both local residents and students. Looking […]

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